Meet the LavendergirlTN Team!

Key Points

Quality Ingredients Matter!

LavendergirlTN strives to find the best All Natural and Organic Ingredients in the industry to make our products with. Our vendors are carefully chosen based on the quality of their raw ingredients, certification, testing and reviews. If we don't like or use certain ingredients personally, we will not use them in our products.

The Fragrance Makes the Difference!

Many of our customers say that other products that advertise certain scents often find the scent is either missing or very weak or too strong. We don't believe in using synthetic fragrances or oils but only Essential Oils in our products which give the right amount of scent to our products. We use Certified Organic Lavender Oil in our products and don't want it any other way. It's a bit more costly but far worth it in therapeutic benefit. Don't take our word for it though, ask our customers who use our products!


I bought the lavender bath soap and lavender lotion for my daughter with eczema and it has helped tremendously! All of the expensive moisturizers and creams we have bought don't come close to touching how velvety soft her skin is after using these products! So amazing.

Megan G. Facebook 5-Star Review - March, 2017

All of the lavender goodies smell divine, and they are a very fun bunch who love what they do!! If you like lavender, you will love everything they have.

Neil G. Facebook 5-Star Review - October, 2017

This is the best lotion I have ever used. I love it! Not too greasy, but coats nicely and leaves your skin hydrated!

Jenifer D. Facebook 5-Star Review - November, 2017

A bit about our team...

"Sharing the Benefits of Lavender with our Community is our Passion"

Lavender is one of the most beloved Herbs in the World. God in His unique design of our planet gave us this beautiful, edible and healing herb among one of many to remind of His unending love for His Creation. My husband had an affinity for Lavender and when we married in 2011 and I began to develop a passion for this magnificent plant and wanted to offer locally made lavender infused products and share with the world the amazing benefits this herb offers. From medicinal to beauty products, this wonderful herb can be used for culinary purposes, craft projects, bath & beauty products and more! Please check out our online store at to see our product line that continues to increase as we grow. One of the things that we both love so much about making available the wonderful benefits of Lavender is all the great people we meet in our community and other communities at one of the many events we attend each year in our local and surrounding area. Tennessee loves buying local and supporting their Local Artisans and that helps make ventures like ours so wonderful.

Meet the team...



Living life to the fullest and sharing the Love of God through His Creation is my lifestyle theme and a passion for this beautiful herb called Lavender is a part of that! I love sharing this wonderful Creation with others knowing it brings great joy and therapeutic benefits to those who use our products! We strive to find and use the best All Natural and Organic ingredients in our products to give the best results.



Also known as "Lavenderdude" is the one whom inspired our little business to start! He has a passion for being creative and "raising the bar" on something new especially with his baking skills with Culinary Lavender right down to color themes for our bathbombs and soaps! You can find him dancing around at our booth on any given weekend venue and putting a smile on our customer's faces!



Also known as "Lavender Lasse" has been the biggest cheerleader of our business of anyone I know! She has a great love and passion for Lavender and uses all of our products and never fails to share with everyone around her the benefits of Lavender! Find her shuffling around our booth on any given weekend and convincing those she meets to try our products with her great passion!